Surveyor Directory

A Global Directory of Professional Land Surveyors

Goals For This Directory

This directory will be global and the first of its kind. Land Surveyors United is willing to make this directory both a public facing resource for surveying companies to be easily found and hired. In addition to a networking resource for surveyors to find each other based on location and expertise, posts/listings will be grouped by adding tags, properly placing companies and content around the world. With over 5100 members on the network, everyone can benefit from this directory. We will use this directory for hosting interviews, company updates and important company announcements. If you see that your company is already added and would like to submit an update to be included in your listing, please write Justin at landsurveyorsunited(at) If you would like to list your company, simply fill out the form and make a donation through the tab on the right side of site.

Benefits of Listing Your Company Are Enormous

After only 3 days of being live and with no promotion of the directory as of yet, we have already seen over 1000 views! If you or your company is experiencing difficulty appearing where you want to be seen in local searches, this will help solve that. If you or your company are finding that harnessing the true potential of social media is perplexing or burdensome, this directory will make it easier and less time consuming. Promoting your company by utilizing the directory automatically incorporates the social media channels, already in place, thanks to years of development by Land Surveyors United, and substantially boost the exposure and online engagement you need for your company to stay successful. There may be potential and relatively unknown markets for your services and products. How will you discover them? Perhaps they will discover you.

What if my company does not currently have a website?

Land Surveyors United has devoted a considerable amount of time in creating a simple, completely customizable solution with no direct cost to you or your company. If you already have a gmail account, simply go to our Bootstrap Survey Company Template and use our template, which comes with a full set of instructions for converting it into your own company website. We also have a group forum dedicated to helping you with your customization, so you have community support (and our support) every step of the way.

Land Surveyors United is committed to empowering its members with the latest, most innovative, and most powerful solutions for both common and unique business challenges. I look forward to your listings and learning more about your company and goals.